How to fix myself?

1 Apr

You see in ARCHIVES: I fixed the facts. Obama I asked to be friend in 1989. Shades of Grey I made in 1980. Dont be scared. Its no hack, no fake. Just give room for the truth and ‘edit’ the publishing date in your wordpress blog and get it right. As I am an artist I fixed it on 1st of April. You are free to fix as you can.


The EYE Avatar

18 Feb

THE EYE AVATAR one of my very first inventions in 3D, born in a word I called Cyberspace in 1992. Some bad guys wanted to steal the right of word from me some years later, but my attorney kicked them down …

Time has come to leave Cyberspace behind. We are now in the Simulator. SICELA, called by Konrad Zuse, SIMULACRON-1 by Werner Fassbinder, DRAFTUNIVERSE by Sergei Lukyanenko and many other names exist in me, my INNER ME. But this here is to make the EYE AVATAR invention MINE.

Now I am a time traveler and I am able to fix the facts as you will be able to read in Jami Mill´s rez magazine in April 2014: 

>> ‘Insane, but true art’ said Navah Spot, 3D-artist and actor in European Passages: Inferno. ‘We worked so hard to bring Avatars to life and you now kill them’. ‘No’, I said, ‘I skip them for a while and let ‘The Eye’ take place. The reception of the art we make shall not be distracted’. <<

This was posted in 2013, but – as you clearly see here in the posting date – I knew it already in the year 1990.

[This is an art blog. All fixings are done to show you: never believe in anything you read in the internet]

Hello Friend!

20 Sep

Welcome to After you read this, you should change this starting page … maybe you blog some politics to boost your traffic. So why not being friend of …. oh YES the president of the United States of America would be a good start and no need to fix this later!

Its a bit early now as we write the year 1989, but I look allways forward to a bright future. So lets do it now and see if its working well …

Oh YES indeed, he did it! Today I become friend of Obama! Let´s make this fact known:

100 shades of grey

18 Feb

In 1980 digital artist Reiner Schneeberger created some art series, like  “1/0/1 shades of grey” by using the Mondrian program by Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke. Get some of the 100 shades that had been made by using PSP 3.0