The EYE Avatar

18 Feb

THE EYE AVATAR one of my very first inventions in 3D, born in a word I called Cyberspace in 1992. Some bad guys wanted to steal the right of word from me some years later, but my attorney kicked them down …

Time has come to leave Cyberspace behind. We are now in the Simulator. SICELA, called by Konrad Zuse, SIMULACRON-1 by Werner Fassbinder, DRAFTUNIVERSE by Sergei Lukyanenko and many other names exist in me, my INNER ME. But this here is to make the EYE AVATAR invention MINE.

Now I am a time traveler and I am able to fix the facts as you will be able to read in Jami Mill´s rez magazine in April 2014: 

>> ‘Insane, but true art’ said Navah Spot, 3D-artist and actor in European Passages: Inferno. ‘We worked so hard to bring Avatars to life and you now kill them’. ‘No’, I said, ‘I skip them for a while and let ‘The Eye’ take place. The reception of the art we make shall not be distracted’. <<

This was posted in 2013, but – as you clearly see here in the posting date – I knew it already in the year 1990.

[This is an art blog. All fixings are done to show you: never believe in anything you read in the internet]

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